Our company, Japan – Arab International Service co., Ltd (JAIS), located in Tokyo, Japan and we consider ourselves a bridge between Japan and the Arab world.

We have started our business in General trading field export & import such as Food stuff & Machinery, Electrical, Electronic equipments and others, we do all kind of import and export business beside to Consultation & Planning projects for Middle East & Africa area since 1986 and we did many projects in cooperation with majors Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Fuji Heavy Industries, Toshiba, Sony, Sanyo, etc.

We also have provided high-quality translation in the various fields, for example, industrial, legal documents.

In the wave of internationalization, we will provide our multilateral services from multiple locations in Japan and overseas.

Mahmoud Al-Azzawi
Representative Director, President

President Profile

Born in Iraq in 1954.
Received bachelor's degree in machine engineering, and master's degree in thermodynamics (internal combustion) from SHIBAURA Institute of Technology.
Works in the field of technical translation, based in Japan.
Currently, president of Japan-Arab International Service Co.,Ltd.

Company Profile

Company Name Japan-Arab International Service Co.,Ltd (JAIS)
Former Company Name Ashibilia Co.,Ltd
Established October 9th, 1984
Capital 10 million Yen
Business Content General Trading, General Contract, Consulting,
Translation work,Printing business, and related works
Representative Director Mahmoud Al-Azzawi (字羽井 マッムード)


Minamino 2-9-11-201, Tama city, Tokyo, (Postal Code: 206-0032) Japan
TEL: 042-339-3662
Iraq branch
Almansour, Baghdad - Iraq
Jordan branch
P.O.Box:789 Amman 11821